Should Animals Be Kept In Zoos

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Should Animals Be Kept In Zoos. Why animals should not be kept in zoos reasons? In making a case for or against zoos, both sides argue that they're saving animals.

Should wild animals be used for entertainment at circus or
Should wild animals be used for entertainment at circus or from

I disagree that animals should be kept in zoos. Animals should be kept in zoos because all the animals would be extinct by now if it wasn’t for zoos. Zoos are vital for education.

Are Zoos Suitable For The Animals Or Completely Wrong?

Secondly, breeding programmes are far less successful than zoos claim. To sum up, after looking at both sides of the debate i pen down by saying that, animals should kept in zoo only because there is no much more place for live them on (article missing) public place and it would be safe for both people and animals. But it is dangerous to let wild animals live with us.

Should Animals Be Kept In Zoos?

Although keeping animals in zoos have kept the animals protected, animals should be out in the wilderness which is their natural habitat because it gives the animals a place to feel free, the animals can embrace their natural instincts, and the animals get to experience the circle of life and everything that comes with it. Animal cruelty in zoos continues to be extremely common. Why zoo should be abolished?

I Disagree That Animals Should Be Kept In Zoos.

The animal is deprived of its natural habitat. By alexis galarza posted march 19, 2021. If we keep putting animals in zoos, they wont be able to reproduce and as a result, the animal population would go down.

Zoos Are An Unsuitable Environment For Wild Animals And Should, Therefore, Be Abolished.

Whether or not zoos benefit the animal community, they certainly do make money. Reasons why people think keeping animals in zoos is bad for their welfare: Although, zoo’s say that they show children the type of environment that the specific animals live in they are wrong.

Some Animals Eat Other Animals For Food, But Maybe Those Animals Eat Other Animals Too.

Animals are hurt when they are forced to do something. Also some animals are endangered and are better off kept in zoos with a safe, protected environment without being hurt by their predators. In a zoo, animals are kept in cages or enclosed structures.

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